Seigo saiga

Shibito Seigo Saiga

"Give up. You can't fight fate."

"Everything, repeating forever."

"This village is finished."

Seigo Saiga is a doctor in Hanuda and the owner of Saiga Hospital. He is one of the six playable characters in Siren: Blood Curse. Seigo was adopted by the Saiga family as a child, and his original name is Seigo Mitamura. At some point in his career he devolops a relationship with Yukie Kobe, a nurse at the hospital.

Seigo was the man at the ritual at the beginning of the game.

His second appearance is in the Residential Area, and he protects Sam from the attacks of the shibito. He starts off with a double-barreled shotgun in two levels, and is the only character to do so.

Later, he takes Sam to the hospital to hide in the director's study, and Melissa manages to contact them, after either killing the shibito brain or going to greater lengths to knock out two spider shibito. She calls them, gaining the number through sight-jacking Saiga, and she, Saiga, and Sam go to Irazu Valley Church, and Bella later finds them - albeit dead, and as a Shibito.

Later, he protects Bella from the attacks of Sol and other Shibito similiar to Sam, and later finds Howard. He then delves into the Hanuda mine, and after impaling Yukie Kobe, his former nurse and close friend, who is a brain shibito and looks very similiar to Bella when she was turned into a brain shibito, outsmarts a maggot shibito and obtain the Urzel.